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Pouch Printing Equipment

Tyvek, Foil and Mylar printing machine

Tyvek pouch printing machine - printing on Tyvek

Table top thermal transfer pouch printing equipment for foil bags, Mylar bags, PET bags, other film bags, Tyvek pouches, hanging cards, garment tags blister card, flat boxes, lids, labels, envelops, many other flat items; can print on items up to 10.5 inches wide.

300 DPI resolution. 17 different rotatable fonts.  Will print 1 D and 2 D bar codes. Will print text graphics directly on pouches, flat products and foil laminate pouches. Bat code readers will inspect quality of the print on a Tyvek foil or Mylar pouch.

The machine uses a ‘center feed’ to move pouches from a magazine for greater reliability in feeding pouches.  Also pouch rejection rollers increase reliability of the  machine. This systems allows irregular shaped items to be feed. It then uses a high definition thermal transfer printer to print directly on the pouch. This eliminates the need to use a label to print information on the pouches.

Optional bar code reader, and vision inspection system for 100% inspection.

Feeder/printer systems to print directly on Tyvek pouches and Tyvek lids, flat cards. Will print on Tyvek pouches, foil and Mylar pouches and other film laminates. Also prints on sleeves, garment tags and cut labels

Printing directly on the Tyvek or foil pouch reduces labor costs for applying labels, and the cost of the label.

Contact us for details and pricing information info@pacs4i.com

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One color and four color ink jet printing systems are available - click for more information

Automatic label applicators will apply pre-printed labels onto flat items like pouches and cards.

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