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Rollstock - Standard and Custom Laminates

Rollstock foil laminations for food diagnostic and medical industry  

Form Fill Seal Equipment

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Foil laminations and plastic laminate rollstock. Rollstock that is ideal for our form fill seal machines.  Custom printing.

Rollstock laminations for medical and food packaging Solvent-less laminations reduce compromising product ingredients through odors associated with solvent migration. Moisture barrier lamination rollstock protection keeps fragrance in and odors out, offering vapor barrier protection. In-house lamination also contributes to the rapid turnaround rates for customer’s orders for rollstock.

Quick Pouch Vertical

Quick Pouch Horizontal

Horizontal Form Fill Seal

Vertical Form Fill Seal

IVD In-Vitro Diagnostic -Assembly and Packaging

Stock foil rollstock laminates:
• saran coated polyester/poly
• metallized polyester/poly
• nylon/poly
• polyester/foil/poly - foil lamination
• nylon/foil/poly - foil lamination
• paper/poly/foil/poly  - foil lamination

Custom laminates for rollstock:
• Film-to-Film, Clear, Opaque
• Metallized Mylar
• Film-to-Foil
• Paper-to-Foil
• 8 Color printing - surface and process                                                       

• Clear “foil’ lamination rollstock available
• Superior puncture resistance lamination
• Pouches on a roll

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