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Horizontal industrial heat sealers,  these industrial impulse heat sealers are American made with heavy duty steel construction using welded steel. Heat sealer has pass through design. All industrial horizontal heat sealers are pneumatically powered and features a low pressure safety close which provides an airtight/watertight seal. Heat seal lengths up to 240 inches. Seal-able materials include polyethylene, laminated films, nylon.  - Heat sealer are open back feed thru offset bag sealers. Material can be introduced from front-to-back or side-to-side through the heat sealer.  Contact us for quotes and specifications

Horizontal Industrial Heat Sealers

Horizontal style industrial heat sealers: industrial impulse heat sealers - for large style pass through design for sealing larger packaging and product manufacturing

Large horizontal impulse heat sealers - From 36 to 240 inches long heat seal bars

Heat sealer models are available in the following sizes - 36, 48, 60, 72, 84,96,110 and 120 inch

Optional flying knife can be added to the heat sealer as an option

large horizontal impulse heat sealer for industrial application


- (2) 1/4" NiChrome Heating Elements - impulse heat seal


- Optional - Vacuum Sealing - Optional Validation features

- Impulse Seal Bars centered on work surface

- Bottom Seal Bar Flush with Table

- Pneumatically Actuated Seal Bars (typically 6-80 lbs)

- Master On/Off Switch - -Foot Pedal Operated

- Low Pressure Safety Descent

- Emergency Stop Button

- Open Back for Material Feed through heat sealer

- Exhaust Port

- 220V / Single Phase / 50/60Hz / Amps TBD

- Freestanding with Locking Casters

- Heavy Duty Steel construction - American made heat sealer

large horizontal impulse heat sealer for industrial application