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Heavy Duty Constant Heat Sealer / Hot Bar Sealer is  a validatable heat sealer that is ideal for industrial heat sealing applications - and laboratory testing of thermoplastic and laminated materials. Each constant heat sealer / hot bar sealer is available with a heat seal bar, heat seal platen or machined tooling for heat sealing contour shapes.  

Two year warranty - heat sealer made in USA.

User friendly password protection allows operator to select from pre-set and named seal recipes. Other standard features include: seal count, auto cycle and alarms for process faults. Seamless stainless steel case is standard and includes product support tray.

. Included with the machine is a detailed operating manual, spare parts kit and a two-year warranty - constant heat sealer made in USA.

Constant Heat Bar Sealers

Constant heat sealers, hot bar sealers: for such materials like: humidity-proof cellophane film, aluminum foil, gusset bags and materials like PVC, foil Surlyn, Mylar and Tyvek pouches.

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Constant Heat / Hot Bar Sealers are excellent for high production heat sealing of pre-made pouches, of either Tyvek or foil. Many standard features to enhance production and ensure the highest level of process control. Full Digital temperature Control via PID with +/- 1 degree process controls provide the confidence all sealing process parameters are maintained Seal-to-Seal.

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• Available in  8”,  15” or  20” heat seal lengths - constant heat.

• 3/8” heat seal widths

•Calibration ports to validate air pressure, heat time and temperature