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Stand Up Custom Mylar Bags, Flat zippered Mylar bags

stand upcustom Mylar bags - clear Mylar laminate bags stand up custom Mylar bags - printed Mylar laminate bags

Custom manufactured Mylar stand up bags - made of metalized Mylar and film laminated products. Custom printing - line and process printing. Up to 8 colors.

Mylar stand up bags and pouches- line and process printing. Also metalized Mylar bags.  Flat and with zippers. Vapor barrier properties in a stand up or flat zippered bag. For food and other applications where moisture barrier is necessary.

Clear laminated Mylar materials for stand up bags - Opaque printing makes “window” effect.  Process printing for stand up bags - inside the outer PET layer of laminated material - for permanent high quality graphics. Photographic quality in a printed bag. Up to 8 colors, process printing

Custom Mylar printed, metalized Mylar, and clear Mylar laminate stand up bags and pouches - for food, consumer products and other applications

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stand up custom Mylar bags -  Mylar laminate bags