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Table top Form Fill Seal machine

QuickPouch Mini

Table top vertical form- fill - seal machine pouch former - four sided sealed pouches, a table top vertical form fill seal machine with automatic pump filling of gels and liquids, ideal for making samples of cosmetics, personal lubricants.

Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine Standard Features

Standard pouch sizes: 1" to 4.5" wide, 1.5" to 4.5" long

Tooling for one size included

PLC controlled with operator display

Machine dimensions approximately - 18" W  x  18" T  

weight approximately 100 lbs.

Click for rollstock materials for form fill seal machinery

Package Styles

• Four sided sealed pouch

Packaging Materials

• Laminated Plastic

• Foil laminate Rollstock

Click here for our larger QuickPouch Vertical

Form fill seal machine  - table top - ideal for sampling cosmetics, personal lubricants table top vertical form fill seal machine - ideal for making samples of liquids

The QuickPouch - Mini table top form fill seal machine - pouch former and liquid filler, compact table top.  For vertical form fill seal packaging of small sample size foil bags. Ideal size is  2 x 3 inch bags, can make up to 4 x 4 inch bags.  The QuickPouch - Mini can be a standalone vertical form fill seal machine with its own pump.  It can also be integrated with loading equipment, performing automatic vertical form fill seal packaging. Eyespot for pre-printed rollstock. Call us to discuss your application.