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Semi-automatic standup pouch filler with integrated rotary band heat sealer with conveyor

Semi-automatic pouch loader is a weigh scale filler integrated with band heat sealer.  

Ideal for loading food products like beans, coffee, pet foods, spices, rice, nuts, etc. into standup pouches. Can also load powders.

The operator places bag under filler, filler automatic loads a predetermined amount of product, operator then places filled pouch into heat sealer. Filled bag is sealed and automatically moves along conveyor to discharge.

Made in USA.

Semi-automatic stand up pouch filling system

Custom Mylar Bag Stand up pouch filler Product loader weigh scale with heat sealer

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• Scale accuracy at 0.5% of system capacity.

• Scale parts are stainless steel for wash-down.

• Scale capacity up to 5 lbs

• Sealer and conveyor are designed stand-up pouches.

• Quality seals  3/8” wide  

• Will seal: polyethylene, polypropylene, laminates, nylon, PET/ polyester.

• Designed with 5” long heating zone and 5” long cooling zone

Semi-automatic filling of powders and other flowing dry products into stand up pouches. LCD display with touch screen