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Medical Validatable Vacuum  Heat Sealer

Medical validatable vacuum heat sealer for packaging medical devices. Dual snorkels with gas flush and touch screen controls

• Process recipes for packaging medical devices
• Seal counter by total pouches sealed
• Process variables password protected
• Variables include temperature, vacuum and purge timing
• Calibration/Validation ports
• RS-232 port for data logging and monitoring
• Digital high and low pressure  auto calibration
• Vacuum controlled by actual inches of mercury
• Purge controlled by actual pressure

20”, 25”, 30”, or 35” heat seal bars

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Medical Validatable Vacuum Impulse Heat Sealer is available in 20”, 25”, 30” or 35” heat seal bar lengths. Digital validatable temperature controller allows you to program the medical vacuum heat sealer to required temperature settings and the release temperature for the cool cycle.  Variable heat seal timer ensures control over the amount of time heat is applied to your package.  Each medical vacuum heat sealer for medical packaging is validatable and NIST traceable.

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