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Chamber Vacuum Heat Sealers available as table top, single chamber and double chamber heat sealers

Chamber vacuum heat sealers

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Chamber Vacuum Sealers can seal products that are impractical to seal with snorkel style sealers like: powders, lose herbs, liquids, food products. There is no snorkel to draw the loose product into the sealer. Chamber Vacuum sealers are capable of removing a higher percentage of oxygen from a bag than other vacuum sealers,making vacuum chamber sealers ideal for extremely oxygen-sensitive products.

The bag is placed inside the vacuum chamber, and when the lid is closed the cycle starts.The internal vacuuming method ensures a more-uniform seal.

Vacuum Chamber Vacuum sealer

Greater vacuum percentage compared to a nozzle type sealer.

Multiple seal bars will allow the operator to vacuum and seal multiple pouches at the same time

No operator involvement after the lid has been closed and the cycle has started

Options for percentage vacuum will allow for partial vacuum if making an object immobile is your goal

The compressor is built-in so all you need is an electrical outlet

Table top Vacuum Chamber

Single  Chamber Vacuum sealer

Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer