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Horizontal Form Fill Seal machine with adjustable tooling so that you can make various size pouches.

The other unit has a fixed size die for forming the pouch.  You can make other sizes with that machine by swapping out one set of tooling for another tooling die.  

These machines join two separate webs of material together to make a pouch.  Speed of the machine could be approximately 15 to 20 packaged wipes per minute.  

The machine can make a printed pouch by using pre-printed rollstock.  The machine will register the printing on one side of the pouch leaving the back of the pouch unprinted. Variable information, such as: lot #, expiration dates, bar codes, etc. can be printed on the pouch.  This can be done by:  hot stamp, thermal transfer printers, or ink jet printer systems.  Price would be determined by what type of printer you would like.

Horizontal form fill seal for making foil pouches

Horizontal form fill seal machine for making foil and Mylar-PET, paper pouches, Tyvek pouches

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