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Hauppauge, New York

Richmond, Virginia



Telephone 631 (804) 9625

9 am - 5 pm  EST

Horizontal form fill seal and trim machinery designed to run: blister packs, portion packs, medical trays, unit dose packs, etc.  Automatic form/fill/seal & trim types of inline packaging machinery can be either manually loaded with products from both sides of the machine, or integrated with automatic loading of products with the form fill seal machinery.

OPERATION: Roll-fed thermoplastic material is indexed into the machine, where it is heated and shaped by forming tools. The formed parts are automatically indexed to the product loading area, then advanced where lidding is placed on the top of the formed tray. It is then indexed to a heat seal station. The sealed package is then indexed to a trim station. Steel rule dies are used to die cut into individual packages. The parts are deposited on a take-off conveyor and the scrap web is rewound. Sequences are PLC controlled.

Standard sizes - 5” x 9”, 7”x 9”, 10” x 10”, 14”x 14”, 16” x 28”

● Energy efficient pre-heater

● Accurate, easily adjustable index

● Extended product load areas available

● Easily adaptable to automatic product feeders

● Automatic card, sheet or roll stock feeders

● Accurate precise trim registration

● Finished package eject and automatic scrap rewind

● Advanced preheating system incorporates top and bottom heaters

● Date code print and lid-stock printers available

● Optional - Pressure, temperature monitoring

Horizontal form fill seal machinery

Horizontal form fill seal trim - manual and automatic product loading

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Tubing set in Surlyn Tyvek pouch