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Handheld heat sealers in various sizes  

Scissor style and “T” clamp styles Contact us for quotes and specifications.

Handheld Heat Sealers

Hand Held heat sealers, handheld sealer for industrial shipping applications.

Handheld Heat Sealers - Hand held heat sealers are used to seal large moisture proof, vapor barrier bags for crating, rigging and shipping.

Foil laminate material is used for moisture barrier protection. Will prevent moisture and condensation damage in sea freight containers during shipping.

We also have explosive proof hand held heat sealers.

Handheld heat sealers, Hand Held heat sealers for sealing vapor barrier bags Handheld heat sealers, Hand Held heat sealers for sealing moisture barrier bags

Model "B" (T Clamp) is available in 8, 12, 15, 18, and 26" lengths.
Model "S" (Scissor Sealer) is available in 6 or 10" lengths.  

Model "B" (T Clamp) 26" length.

handheld heat sealer

We also have moisture proof vapor barrier material for shipping and large desiccants for keeping your package dry during shipments.

Explosive proof hand held heat sealers are available.

For explosive environments such as gas, vapors or combustible powders. Explosion proof or hazardous location sealers for all div & class requirements. The explosive proof heat sealer is pressurized and comes with safety vents, auto shutoff, and optional audible alarm.

For pricing details please provide us with you requirements.  We need to Div, class and what materials you would like to seal and package.