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Vacuum /Gas Flush - blister tray sealing equipment

Table top vacuum and gas flush blister tray sealer  

This table top blister sealer; tray sealing machine, is designed for packaging products in a modified atmosphere, free of oxygen.  The platen size for this tray sealing machine is 10 x 10 inches, and can seal medical thermoform trays that are 2.5 inches deep.


• Digital temperature

• Digital pressure

• Digital Timer

• Ultra high pressure

• High temperature hot plate

• Low cost tooling


• PLC control system includes a serial connector for data log collection of parameters for each cycle

• Digital pressure transducer with peak/hold display

• Clean room upgrade package for tray sealing machine includes: stainless steel slider pan, common exhaust port, EZ-Removeable thermocouple, epoxy stainless steel paint

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Gas Flush Packaging or Modified Atmosphere Packaging Blister tray sealing equipment  Tray heat sealers for vacuum and gas flush of blister trays. This MAP blister heat sealer, tray sealer, is designed for packaging products in thermoform trays that need a low oxygen atmosphere to increase preservation of the oxygen sensitive product.  The sealer will remove air and replace with an inert gas like Nitrogen.   Gas flush blister packaging sealing includes gas purge/flush, full vacuum packaging, and modified atmospheric oxygen ‘free’ environments. Packaging in dry Nitrogen blanket is a typical example.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging option can be added to all medical validatable blister sealers for gas flush packaging of blister trays - from table top blister sealers to shuttle blister sealers, rotary blister sealers

vcuum and gas flush for blisters and sealing trays with gas flush

Table top sealer with gas flush chamber, the O2 sensitive product is sealed in a N2 atmosphere.