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Custom Wicketed Polyethylene Bags and equipment for packaging with these bags  -Wicketed Poly Bags custom sizes, printing and construction. Wicketed bags made from for FDA and USDA approved materials.
We provide custom made wicketed polyethylene bags for a variety of applications, such as food packaging and medical products. Wicketed poly bags are made so they can be used with bagging machines that are ‘blown open’ to facilitate the opeinign of the bag, increasing packaging rates. The wicketed bags in a pack, are put up on a wire “wicket” for to hold them in place in the packaging machine.

These bags can be mounted on a blower that will blow each individual bag open to allow products to be slid in easily. The bag can then be torn from the wicket and the next bag will blow open, ready for another pack. Materials: special polyethylene, clear or in a variety of colors, co-extruded resins.
Printing: from simple line printing to 8-color process printing on one or both sides.

We also have the packaging equipment to use with these wicketed bags.

Custom wicketed poly bags, custom printed wicketed bags, also baggers & sealers for wicketed bags

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Custom Wicketed Bags and bagging equipment

We would be happy to send you a quote, please let us know: dimensions, quantity, and printing details.

Typical applications:

Food bags

Fruit bags

Bread and other bakery bags

Produce and vegetable bags

Meat bags other processed foods

Bag Packagers, baggers  are ideal for quick and easy product bagging using pre-made bags on a wicket. With one simple motion, the operator pushes the product into the already opened bag that is in the bagger. The bagger's heavy duty construction and USDA approved stainless steel models are perfect for packaging a wide range of products. Pneumatic baggers are also available.

Bag packager can be used with custom made wicketed bags Drop sealer and bag packager can be used with custom made wicketed bags

Gravity drop sealers can be used alone or in conjunction with a bag packager. The drop sealers produce either an impulse seal, impulse seal & trim or a bead trim seal. They can seal packages automatically or manually using the included foot switch. Seals bags made from PE, PP, co-extrusions, nylon,Tyvek® and other heat sealable bags .

Wicketed bag that is used as mailer, tear off outer lip.


It has a self sealing tape with a self sealing tape.  

This pouch has a printed release liner.