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Handheld heat sealer

Scissor and “T” clamp  

Hand Held heat sealers, handheld sealer for industrial shipping. Handheld Heat Sealers - Hand held heat sealers are used to seal large moisture, proof, vapor barrier 3D bags to make moisture barriers bags for crating, rigging and shipping. Rollstock is used for moisture barrier bags and vapor barrier bags for preventing moisture and condensation damage in sea freight containers during shipping.

Handheld heat sealers, Hand Held heat sealers for sealing vapor barrier bags Handheld heat sealers, Hand Held heat sealers for sealing moisture barrier bags

Model "B" (T Clamp) in 8, 12, 15, 18, and 26" lengths.
Model "S" (Scissor Sealer) available in 6 or 10" lengths.

Model "B" (T Clamp) 26" length.

handheld heat sealer

We also have moisture proof vapor barrier material for shipping and large desiccants and Cargo Dry.

Handheld Heat Sealers

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